By all accounts 2020 has been the year of COVID-19; sparking a global fear of catching the virus, with an ensuing wave of government-ordered economic shutdowns across most industries. These safety measures were primarily aimed at reducing the spread of the disease. However, it became increasingly clear that a lengthy global economic shut down comes at an enormous cost to many other important aspects of the health and well-being of our society.

At the onset of the first shutdown dental healthcare was deemed a non-essential public service with the exception of emergency care. This meant that members of society had to be in physical hardship or urgent medical risk to earn the right to be seen.

Three months later, due to a community spirit of shared sacrifices, we began to flatten the curve which enabled the gradual resumption of dental services. Colleges immediately began to release broad regulations aimed at guiding its members towards safely re-opening their practices. These important restrictions required investments in our physical facilities, additional protective equipment, new air flow standards and space barriers as well as reducing the volume of patients we were able to see safely in a day.

Now, with 2021 approaching we find ourselves in the midst of a second wave of economic shutdowns and even more public health uncertainty.

Our message to you as we step forward together to face this challenge, is that we are here, and we are prepared. Our team at Lynhurst Dental will continue to provide you and your family with safe dental care to ensure there are no harmful delays in your treatment plan or hygiene maintenance. We want to share our confidence that the dental office is safe and low risk. There were no major instances of virus spread or disease transmission with the standards of IPAC, COVID screenings, staff training, militant sterilization, PPE and air filtration. Be assured we will continue to use every precaution available, maintain our regular schedule and serve our community.

COVID-19 definitely made us a more compassionate and people-centred society. There is a strange bonding force that comes from facing adversity together.

Life is precious. Gratitude for the small things will increase happiness and play an important role in feelings of loneliness and social bonding. Be grateful for our health, friends, jobs and homes with food in the fridge to feed our families.

The pandemic has caused much adversity, disruption, loss and challenges. However, it has also provided us with silver linings of opportunity to change our perceptions, shift our mindsets, reset, reflect and reenergize, which will be an ideal way to close out 2020.

Wishing you a safe, happy and healthy holiday season from Dr. Gauthier and the entire team at Lynhurst Dental

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