With the COVID-19 test positivity rate still high in our region, many are on the fence about whether they should be keeping up with their routine dental appointments.

Having a notable impact on overall health and well-being, professional oral care and maintenance was put on hold during the first wave pandemic lockdown in spring of 2020. 

There is virtually always a consequence anytime maintenance is postponed (think of how your mechanic reacts when your oil change is several months overdue!), with less urgent issues becoming more urgent problems, and eventually becoming emergencies. Simply stated many routine care conditions become much worse and more difficult to manage when they are delayed. 

The Canadian Dental Association feels it’s important for residents to stay up to date with their regular checkups to avoid any unnecessary future complications.

We are thankful to announce, in the wake of this second lockdown period this impact was considered along with elevated infection control standards and procedures, and your dental care is now deemed ESSENTIAL!

Lynhurst Dental has enhanced use of PPE, screening, engineering control, and workplace controls amongst others. We may look and function a little different than you were used to before March 2020, but we have got our system well organised, safe for all, and believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the process.

If you have not been in to see us this last year, do not put it off. We are now booking for February, March, and April — and we have missed you!

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